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Puffco Hot Knife Loading Tool



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Product description

Puffco Hot Knife: The Electronic Heated Loading Tool That Makes Dabs Easy

The Puffco Hot Knife is the perfect way to load your concentrates. This electronic heated loading tool makes the process simple, clean, and effective. No more dirty dab tools, sticky residue on clothing or surfaces, or having to wipe concentrates on the side of the bowl.

The Puffco Hot Knife works by heating a ceramic tip to a high temperature. When you touch the tip to concentrate, it will melt and drop right off. The whole process takes just 3 seconds, and the tip stays hot for up to 50 uses per charge.

The Puffco Hot Knife is also very easy to clean. Simply press the button to warm the tip, then wipe it down with a cotton swab.


  • Electronically heated
  • Ceramic tip
  • No other tools required
  • Simple and clean operation
  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to clean


  • Make loading your concentrates easy and mess-free
  • Get the most out of your concentrates
  • Avoid dirty dab tools and sticky residue
  • Made with high-quality materials

Order your Puffco Hot Knife today and experience the future of dabbing! 

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