Introducing the new Calibear Glass Refined Bell Recycler! This beautiful pipe features a 3 seed of life perc and a cone recycler, which creates an amazing vortex and tons of milky bubbles. The Calibear Glass Refined Bell Recycler is perfect for anyone looking to add some style and sophistication to their smoking experience. Whether you're a veteran smoker or just starting out, this pipe is sure to impress. So don't wait any longer, add the Calibear Glass Refined Bell Recycler to your cart today! Specifications: Height: 8 inch  Joint: 14.5mm female joint. It will come with a free glass bowl.
Tribal Head Etched Bong | CALIBEAR $89.99
This Tribal Head Etched Bong is perfect for those who want to add a bit of spice to their smoking experience. With its thick and durable glass construction, this bong is built to last and will provide you with years of enjoyment. The etchings on the neck, base, and bottom of the bong add a touch of elegance and style to your smoking experience. The ice pinch built into the neck of the bong allows you to add some extra coolness to your hits. The bong comes with a removable diffused downstem that will create lots of small bubbles when you take your rip. The bong also comes with a 14.5mm male funnel-style flower bowl complete with a handle for easy lifting. So if you're looking for a bong that will add some spice to your smoking experience, then look no further than the Tribal Head Etched Bong. The Tribal Head is available in an array of fantastic colors. It's a great pick whether you need a new daily driver or want to add some color and style to your growing glass collection. All in all, this is a sturdy, elegant, and durable bong you can count on to deliver smooth and tasty rips of your favorite flower.
CALIBEAR Recycler beark could brings tons of bubbles and great flavors. Grab one today! Specifications: Height: 13.5 inch  Joint: 14.5mm female joint. It will come with a free glass bowl

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