MJ Arsenal- The Commander Tank Glass Blunt Bubbler | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop. MJ Arsenal- The Commander Tank Glass Blunt Bubbler | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
MJ Arsenal- The Commander Tank Glass Blunt Bubbler $34.99
Make smooth smoke, not war! The Commander Tank Glass Blunt Bubbler is the newest addition to MJA's family of smoking devices. Load your favorite "flower cannon" into this green borosilicate bubbler and enjoy a smoking experience. The triple slit base-connected percolator achieves the smoothest smoke while maintaining the most durable structure possible. This tank is made to withstand the most rugged terrain and handle some serious smoke. Elevate any ordinary session with The Commander Tank Glass Blunt Bubbler from MJA.Elevate any ordinary session and fire away with The Commander. Green Borosilicate Glass Frosted Port Triple Slit Perc Base Connected Downstem 3.1 mm thick, our thickest yet!
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MJ Arsenal Cache Bong
MJ Arsenal Cache Bong $89.99
For a long time, the MJA team has intended to create a flower-focused service. More of the same was the one thing we didn't want to do. inspired by a Southeast Asian pipe that dates back hundreds of years. MJA's Cache is now available. Grind it, keep it in the fridge, pour it, and savor it. The Cache bong system offers a unique storage jar affixed to the beaker basin of this water pipe to make your life as easy as possible. With Cache, you can keep your flower dry, fresh, and close at hand.  WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Cache Water Pipe Jar 1x Dry Herb Bowl 1x Cork 1x Reusable Box/Custom Cut Foam Height: 7" Borosilicate Glass Construction Quartz Bowl 10 mm Connection Integrated Dry Herb Storage Jar Quad-Slit Percolator
MJ Arsenal- DJAMMER Mini Dab Rig | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
MJ Arsenal- DJAMMER Mini Dab Rig $54.99
Palm-sized and portable, the MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig™ may be tiny, but it rips like a big rig. Boasting a 100% pure quartz banger, it delivers non-stop flavor. A base-connected percolator diffuses smoke for smoother rips. Featuring extra-thick 4mm glass, the Jammer is small yet solid, placing the power of a rig in your pocket. ADVANCED PERCOLATOR The Jammer by MJ Arsenal features a base-connected percolator that sends smoke down to the bottom of the chamber, forcing fine bubbles to rise through cooling water to deliver smooth, flavorful hits. Each rip is purified and amplified for maximum comfort. BOROSILICATE GLASS Crafted from 100% medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Jammer rig is crystal-clear, solidly designed, and easy to clean. The extra-thick thermal-resistant glass is sturdy and ergonomic—perfect for on-the-go rips. The thermal-resistant airpath preserves great flavor to deliver smooth rips. LOW TEMP QUARTZ BANGER The Jammer generates big, smooth rips with a 100% quartz crystal banger. The extra-thick, heat-resistant quartz vaporizes at lower temperatures, increasing flavor while decreasing harshness. The banger fits snugly in a ground glass connection, creating an airtight seal for optimal airflow and deeper chugging.

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