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Mav Glass 18
Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop Mav Glass 18" x 9mm Beaker Bong - (Various Colors) $164.99
Our 18 inch x 9mm beaker bong offers the same form and function as our timeless Classic Beaker Bong, but with extra toughness that makes it a durable and reliable daily.  driver. Added security from our 9mm glass which brings you peace of mind. Born In California. 18 inches tall 50mm diameter by 9mm thickness 130mm base diameter 19mm joint 5" downstem measured from the bottom to grounded part (19mm to 14mm) bowl included  Full color design Ice pinch Various Colors Available  1 Count
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Mav Glass Purple and Slime Slitted Pyramid Beaker Bong | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop Mav Glass Purple and Slime Slitted Pyramid Beaker Bong $549.99
This very cool two piece bong makes a great advanced smoke apparatus from the glycerin to keep your clouds less harsh on the throat to the clampable removable top for easier cleaning. Features: removable freezable glycerin coil head 14" tall beaker base  slitted pyramid percolator  mav logo  joint holding clip  19mm joint ( bowl included )  Glycerin itself is a non-toxic liquid usually made of fatty acids that often make their way into our foods as a sweetener or preservative. It’s also a popular moisturizer in soaps. Its high melting point and gel-like consistency upon freezing makes it an ideal alternative to ice in bongs, since it will stay in place and remain frozen for much longer than ice. 1 Count

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