Hemper-HoneyComb Disc Perc Dab Rig (Various Colors).
Hemper-HoneyComb Disc Perc Dab Rig (Various Colors) $54.99
Stands 6“ inches tall and features a 14mm female joint. SPECS: 6" inches tall Bent Neck 14mm Female Joint Shrub Style Rig WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) HEMPER Honeycomb Disc Rig (1) 14mm Flower bowl piece
Hemper-Pipe Design 510 Thread Battery Vaporizer.
Hemper-Pipe Design 510 Thread Battery Vaporizer $29.99
Classic look with modern function   SPECS Two clicks to enter the preheat mode; the light will be on until the preheat is finished (10 Seconds) Three clicks to change the voltage from 3.0v (Green) to 3.7v (Blue) to 4.2v (Red) Five clicks to turn on/off the device Size: 45mm x45mm x 20mm Capacity: 900mah Built-in USB charger Protection: short circuit /overcharge / overtime WHATS INCLUDED 1 Pipe Vape Battery 1 USB cable
Hemper- Jellyfish Jar Bong.
Hemper- Jellyfish Jar Bong $44.99
6″ Inches Tall *****Jelly Fish Color May Vary. 
Hemper Snowman XL Bong.
Hemper-Snowman XL Bong $129.99
SPECS Height: 10"  Width: 3.5 " 45 degree angled joint Large Snowball Percolator WHATS INCLUDED (1) HEMPER Snowman XL Bong (1) 14 christmas themed matching flower bowl  
Hemper Snowman Bong.
Hemper- Snowman Bong $49.99
SPECS Height: 8" Base: 3.5" 45 degree angled joint Multi-slit fission diffuser percolator Frosted Snowman shaped glass piece Colored hat and scarf accents Black glass eyes and orange “carrot” glass accents WHATS INCLUDED (1) Hemper snowman bong (1) 14 mm male flower bowl   
Hemper Beast Bong.
Hemper-Beast Bong $94.99
SPECS: Straight Neck Shower Head Percolator 12" Inches 14mm Female Joint WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) The HEMPER Beast Bong 12" (1) 14mm bowl piece 
Hemper Henny Gang Dab Rig.
Hemper- Henny Gang Dab Rig $54.99
The Henny Gang Rig is sure to turn heads in more way than one! Since its initial release in March 2018, the HEMPER Henny Gang or Die rig has remained both a team and a fan favorite.  For good reason – its modeled an iconic bottle that certainly draws you in but its the function that makes this piece a winner. Made from extra thick glass, featuring a base mounted showerhead perc, and an ice catcher, it’s not just rugged, its as smooth as the bottle it resembles. Style meets function with this unique, HEMPER exclusive design and belongs in any glasshead’s collection. Cop it while you can! SPECS: Bottle Shape Straight Neck Showerhead Percolator 14mm Female Joint 7″ inches tall 14mm Male Bowl included
Sold out
Hemper Cyberpunk XL Bong.
Hemper Cyberpunk XL Bong $149.99
SPECS Height: 12" tall Width: 4" base Frosted + Glow in the Dark Decal *Excellent recycler function* Recycler function with vortex drain effect  Gear Showerhead Percolator Matching Color Bowl WHATS INCLUDED (1) Hemper Cyberpunk XL Recycler Bong (1) 14 mm matching male bowl  
Hemper - Dankenstein Monster Bong
Hemper - Dankenstein Monster Bong $169.99
SPECS 8" Tall Large bottom mounted Dome percolator Pink brain splash guard & cooling chamber for extra smooth hits "Brain-storm" effect inside the cooling chamber; smoke is directed out of 5 holes in the "brain", making a plume-shaped smoke stream coming from each hole.  WHATS INCLUDED (1) Dankenstein Monster Bong (1) 14 mm male bowl
Hemper- Rocket Ship 11
Hemper- Rocket Ship 11" Bong $149.99
11 inches tall, 4 inches wide at the base Includes 14mm Male Bowl Dual Percolators provides extra filtration for smoking flower Available in Black or Green
Hemper- Snow Globe Bong
Hemper- Snow Globe Bong $54.99
SPECS: 7" inches 14mm Female Joint Included (1) 14mm Bowl Showerhead Perc INCLUDES: (1) HEMPER Snow Globe Bong (1) 14mm Male Flower Bowl
Hemper- Luxe Hourglass Dab Rig
Hemper- Luxe Hourglass Dab Rig $89.99
SPECS: Conical showerhead percolator 14mm Female Joint 14mm Tobacco Bowl  8'' Inches Tall WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) HEMPER Luxe Hourglass Rig (1) 14mm Male Joint Bowl  
Sold out
Hemper- Snail XL Bong
Hemper- Snail XL Bong $154.99
SPECS Height: 6" Tall  Base: 6" Wide  Large Showerhead Percolator Recessed Joint  WHATS INCLUDED (1) Hemper Snail XL Bong  (1) 14 mm male flower bowl
Sold out
Hemper- TORNADO Vortex Dab Rig
Hemper- TORNADO Vortex Dab Rig $54.99
The HEMPER Tornado Rig was our first to feature Vortex smoke cooling technology! Those tiny holes in the upper chamber of the piece are what make that tornado effect work as you take your hit! In addition to the excellent Showerhead perc function, the large chamber allows you to draw big rips, with little to no drag.  As opposed to those "heady" style rigs that feature an opaque body, completely obscuring the function of the piece, this piece features sleek, clear "scientific" glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function.   What is scientific glass?  It simply means that the piece is both mostly translucent, and that it features a “lab" type design.  The overall shape of scientific glass is how it gets its name, coming from glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, and other test tube designs that are found in real labs! This piece stands at 6'' inches tall and features a 14mm female joint. Tobacco bowl included. SPECS: Globe Style Multislit Showerhead Percolator Straight Neck / Bent Neck 6'' Inches Tall WHAT'S INCLUDED (1)  HEMPER Tornado Rig (1) 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl
Hemper- Pineapple XL Bong
Hemper- Pineapple XL Bong $149.99
SPECS: 11" Inches Tall Double-Ball Style Pineapple Splashguard/Downstem Dual Percs: Showerhead + Honeycomb WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) HEMPER Pineapple XL Bong (1) 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl
Hemper Sea Turtle Bong - Various Colors - 1 Count.
Hemper Sea Turtle Bong - Various Colors $59.99
SPECS: 7" Inches Tall Sea Turtle Perc Straight Neck Colored Accents 14 mm female joint Available in Orange, Purple & Yellow  WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) HEMPER Sea Turtle Bong (1) 14mm Male Flower Bowl  
Hemper Shark Dab Rig.
Hemper- Shark Dab Rig $54.99
SPECS Height: 7." 3.5 in. Jar Base Jaws Inspired Glass Piece Large shark percolator with black glass eyes and mouth decal Blue Glass body for an underwater look WHATS INCLUDED (1) Hemper Shark Rig (1) 14 mm male flower bow
Hemper Mothership UFO Bong.
Hemper- Mothership UFO Bong $134.99
SPECS: 10" inches tall Includes 14mm Male Bowl Larger UFO bong with more than twice the volume of the small UFO Large flat showerhead is our largest percolator yet 3 smoke chambers for stacking smoke WHAT'S INCLUDED (1) HEMPER Mothership UFO Bong (1) 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl
Hemper Ninja Dab Rig.
Hemper- Ninja Dab Rig $49.99
This 7" Ninja rig will have you feeling lit after a few bowl packs for sure! Plus, the aesthetics of the rig will end up attracting a lot of looks at the next cyph. You're guaranteed a smooth bowl pack because of the showerhead percolator on this rig. Smooth rips only!! SPECS Height: 7" Base: 3" wide Built-in dab tool holder Colored showerhead percolator Pagoda style glass piece  **Ninja Dab tool does not come with this rig** WHATS INCLUDED (1) Hemper Ninja Rig (1) 14 mm male flower bowl  
Hemper Lunar Lander Bong.
Hemper- Lunar Lander Bong $99.99
Lunar Lander dual chambered bong is designed for smooth smoke and massive rips. With two chambers, we have twice the air volume for massive clouds AND twice the air circulation to make those clouds extra smooth. The lower chamber features a classic showerhead styled perc while the upper chamber utilizes Venturi air vents to spin your smoke for another round of cooling – twice the volume, twice the circulation!   SPECS: Showerhead Perc 14mm Male Tobacco Bowl 10'' Inches Tall Available in Blue & Smoke  WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) HEMPER Lunar Lander Bong (1) 14mm Male Joint Bowl
Hemper Lunar Dab Rig.
Hemper- Lunar Dab Rig $84.99
SPECS: 10" Inches Tall 360 Showerhead Percolator Two-Tone 100% Borosilicate glass 14mm Flower Bowl Included What's Included: (1) Lunar Omega Rig (1) 14mm Male Flowerbowl  
Hemper Luxe Hourglass Bong.
Hemper- Luxe Hourglass Bong $74.99
SPECS: Conical showerhead percolator 14mm Female Joint 14mm Male Tobacco Bowl  11'' Inches Tall WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) HEMPER Luxe Hourglass Bong (1) 14mm Male Joint Bowl  
-9% sale
Hemper Henny Bong V2.
Hemper- Henny Bong V2 $54.99 $59.99
Smoke with glass (class) with this Hemper Henny bong. This bong will be the talk of the party. SPECS: Bottle Shape Straight Neck Showerhead Percolator 7" inches tall WHAT'S INCLUDED HEMPER Henny Rig V2 14 mm flower bowl
Hemper Inline Puck Bong.
Hemper- Inline Puck Bong $54.99
We present the HEMPER Puck Bong v2! Building off of the sturdy and reliable design of our signature puck v1, we’ve beefed this one up with a larger chamber and more percolating power! We’ve opened up the chamber for larger rips and smoothed them out with an extended in-line percolator with more diffusion slits than v1. To keep those bubble stacks down in the puck chamber where they belong, we’ve also included a restrictive splashguard. SPECS: Puck Style Multi-Slit Inline Percolator Bent Neck 14mm Female Joint 14mm Male Tobacco Bowl Included 7” Inches Tall Various Colors 

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