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Cali Crusher- HYDRA 3-in-1 Modular Bubbler | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop Cali Crusher- HYDRA 3-in-1 Modular Bubbler $99.99 $109.99
Everything you've ever desired in a single pipe! The HYDRA from Cali Crusher was precisely designed to fulfill the needs of the everyday smoker. Cali is a high-end bubbler that can be used as a spoon or hitter... whatever you need, whenever you need it! Simply disassemble the bubbler into your chosen pipe and EASILY twist the pieces back together when you're ready to resume water filtration. With a polycarbonate viewing window, this luxurious three-in-one has glass covered in a metal shield. The HYDRA is the epitome of what a long-lasting, modern, and well-designed pipe should be. Cali Crushers' unique "Quicklock" technology is also used to construct and remove it.

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