This PILOTDIARY UFO bong uniquely combines borosilicate glass and silicone. The main body is made of top-notch borosilicate glass while the base, lid, and downstream are crafted with grade silicone, offering great strength and flexibility. Moreover, all the silicone components can be removed for easy cleaning. The unique UFO shape, featuring a glowing lid, adds an exciting element to its mysterious and magical look, making it especially enjoyable to experience in the dark. What are you waiting for? Take this UFO bong home today!Features Height 8.8", 3.5" base Comes with a 14mm bubble bowl
Eyce Beaker Bong $69.99
In a market flooded with options, Eyce knew they needed to create something extraordinary to stand out. With features like a large hidden jar, rolling tray, magnetic ring lighter holder, stainless steel poker, ice catch, and a 14mm glass-on-glass slide and down stem, they truly believe they hit the mark. There is no other silicone water pipe on the market with this many features and this level of futuristic function than the Eyce Silicone Beaker. Embrace vibrancy in your experience with an unprecedented level of features and convenience - the Eyce Beaker Bong offers the best in style and function. With its sleek design, it's the perfect addition to any collection.
Waxmaid 8.46″ Springer Mini Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe $39.99
Features Waxmaid Springer mini collapsible silicone water pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material. It’s certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards. The flexible body of the design makes the Springer a space-saving water pipe distinct from other ordinary styles, the collapsible Springer mini water pipe can be extended from 5.31 inches to 8.46 inches, also its mouthpiece can be rotated 360° angles for the convenience of smoking. The downstem of Waxmaid Springer collapsible silicone water pipe comes with a strong magnet for collecting your lighter/ dab tools. The suction base design prevents your water pipe from being knocked over. Silicone material rather than glass saves your time and energy to clean up. Springer flexible silicone water pipe is solid, durable, and safe to use. The smaller size makes it portable and great on the go. Waxmaid’s original patent design, any similar models on the market are copied products! Package including:Waxmaid Springer mini collapsible silicone water pipe comes with a 14mm glass bowl, which wrapped in the chamber. How to Clean Waxmaid Springer Mini Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe? Silicone water pipes are completely dishwasher safe, you can put Waxmaid Springer water pipe in your dishwasher. Boiling Waxmaid Springer silicone water pipe is no problem and won’t damage or harm the material, then brush it with dish soap after boiling, scrub to get resin out of your water pipe. Freezing is much more effective and much easier to accomplish because of the flexibility and durability of the silicone. Simply throw your Waxmaid Springer water pipe in the freezer for a couple of hours, letting all the gunk get good and frozen on the sides. Due to the fact that silicone water pipes are flexible, once you take it out from the freezer, you can bend, squeeze it to de-gunk. We don’t recommend use alcohol to clean silicone water pipes as alcohol may be harsh on the silicone over time. Why purchase on Waxmaid official website?Zero-risk happy shopping on Waxmaid official website, fast respond pre-sales and after-sales customer service, 2~3 business day fast delivery, 100% satisfaction! Any unsatisfied products you received from our website, we provide hassle-free return or product exchange. 
Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector $49.99
Gemini 2-IN-1 water pipe&nectar collector is Waxmaid #1 zodiacal smoking piece.  The shape and usage design was inspired by the Gemini zodiac, Gemini is characterized by the Twins, known for having two different sides they can display to the world. The Gemini smoking piece can be assembled like either a bubbler or a nectar collector dab rig, the changeable usage is just like the Gemini’s character.  Features Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 water pipe&nectar collector comes with a glass bowl, a detachable mouthpiece and a titanium nail. Pull the mouthpiece out of the Gemini body, assemble it with titanium nail, it turns into a durable silicone nectar collector for dabbing concentrate. Use this piece as both a bubbler and a dab rig for your favorite flower and concentrates.  The imitation diamond texture on the surface of silicone sleeve is aesthetically-pleasing, add a great design taste on Gemini. The chamber is a thick quality cup, it can be used for drinking when you go for a hike or ventures. The flexible silicone body surrounds a thick glass water chamber that easily pops in and out for quick filling and cleaning without leaking out. The combination of silicone and glass design not only solves the problem of easily broken glass, but also makes the smoke volume visible in smoking rigs.  A replaceable and easy-to-clean 14mm silicone downstem slides in and out of the glass chamber of Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 bubbler & silicone nectar collector at your convenience. Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 water bubbler&nectar collector is made of platinum-cured silicone material. It’s certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards. This hybrid piece is durable, versatile, and safe to use directly. What’s Included Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 water pipe&nectar collector*1 14mm male joint glass bowl*1 10mm titanium tip*1 How to Clean Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 Water Pipe&Nectar Collector?1. Take the glass cup-shape chamber out of Gemini’s silicone sleeve, brush the chamber with toothpaste, all resin can be removed easily with no efforts.2. For the silicone sleeve of Gemini, you can brush it with dish soap by a banister brush, or put it in the dishwasher, silicone is 100% dishwasher safe. Why Purchase on Waxmaid Official Website?Zero-risk happy shopping on Waxmaid official website, fast respond pre-sales and after-sales customer service, 2~3 business day fast delivery, 100% satisfaction! Any unsatisfied products you received from our website, we provide hassle-free return or product exchange. 
EYCE 2.0 Bong $69.99
Eyce 2.0: The Ultimate Frozen Water Pipe for the Discerning Smoker The Eyce 2.0 is the perfect choice for the discerning smoker who wants the ultimate frozen water pipe experience. It is made with two layers of platinum-cured silicone, which makes it virtually indestructible and heat-resistant. This makes it the perfect water pipe for taking on the go and easy to clean. The Eyce 2.0 also features a silicone mold that creates an all-ice chamber compatible with any standard 9 mm slide. This delivers smoke as cool as 26° F, much cooler than traditional water pipes. The Eyce 2.0 is also very easy to use. Simply fill the silicone mold with water, freeze it for 9–12 hours, and add your favorite dry herb or concentrates. The Eyce 2.0 will cool your smoke to a frigid temperature to enjoy smooth, flavorful hits every time. The Eyce 2.0 is also very easy to clean. Rinse the silicone mold with warm water and soap, then let it air dry. The Eyce 2.0 is the perfect choice for a virtually indestructible, easy-to-use, stylish frozen water pipe. It is the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Features: Virtually indestructible platinum-cured silicone construction The silicone mold creates an all-ice chamber compatible with any standard 9 mm slide Delivers smoke as cool as 26° F Easy to use and clean Stylish and eye-catching design Affordable Benefits: Durable and virtually indestructible Easy to use and clean Delivers smooth, flavorful hits Stylish and eye-catching design Affordable Order your Eyce 2.0 today and start enjoying frozen rips!
-16% sale
GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone $84.99 $99.99
The GRAV® Deco Beaker: A Beautiful and Functional Bong The GRAV® Deco Beaker is a beautiful and functional bong perfect for those who want a stylish and durable piece. The Deco Beaker is made from borosilicate glass with custom-fitted silicone covers for the base and mouthpiece. This makes the bong both strong and damage-resistant while also adding a touch of class. The Deco Beaker features swoopy curves and straight lines that evoke a vintage art deco style. The mouthpiece is easy to grip at the center, and the gentle outward curve to the bong's base makes it wider than traditional beakers. This design helps to cool the smoke and deliver smooth, flavorful hits. The Deco Beaker has a removable downstem joint, modular downstem filter, and cleaning caps. The tip of the downstem can be removed for cleaning or replacement, and the silicone parts allow for easy disassembly and cleaning of the bong. This makes the Deco Beaker a great choice for those who want a bong that is easy to maintain. Features: Beautiful art deco design Made from durable borosilicate glass Custom-fitted silicone covers for the base and mouthpiece Removable downstem joint Modular downstem filter Cleaning caps Benefits: Enjoy smooth, flavorful hits Make your smoking experience more enjoyable Impress your friends with your unique smoking gear Durable and damage-resistant Easy to clean and maintain Order your GRAV® Deco Beaker today and experience the difference!  Designed by: Micah EvansHeight: 241.3Joint: 14mm FemaleLength: 127Main material: Borosilicate/SiliconeUse with: Flower & ConcentrateWidth: 127
SlushySensation: The Stealthy Bong Marvel $34.99
This high-end water pipe features a glass bowl, straw-shaped hookah hose, and a diffused silicone downstem. Its stylish and unassuming design allows it to seamlessly blend in, making it the perfect tool for smooth operators. When using it, you'll get the same quality hit every time - it's as soft and smooth as a slushy.
Rig Rig Material-Silicone Joint Size - 14mm Female Rig Height-7" 66mm 14mm Male Quartz Nail 14mm Male Glass Flower Bowl Metal Dab Tool Traveling somewhere? Or maybe you just want a rig that you cannot break. Introducing the Rig/Bong Travel Kit from Honeybee Herb. This complete setup comes with a silicone travel bong/rig that features an actual honeycomb-style percolator for efficient diffusion. It also features a removable bottom, allowing easy access for cleaning. The set also includes a 14mm male Quartz Banger, a glass Flower Bowl, a silicone carb cap, and a metal dab tool. Grab this set today, bring it with you on your next trip, vacation, or festival, and see why this is truly an all-in-one kit for on-the-go dabbing!
Waxmaid 12.5″ Freezable Icer Silicone Bong $49.99
The Waxmaid Freezable Icer silicone bong is crafted with platinum-cured silicone material for superior safety and durability. It's certified “food safe”, surpassing even FDA approval standards. Plus, its hollow space offers the perfect spot to freeze and store water for a frosty, refreshing puff, even in sweltering weather. Perfect for toking in the summertime! It's built to last with superior safety and durability, so you can enjoy cool, refreshing tokes all summer long. Discover an uncompromising level of quality with the Waxmaid Freezable Icer silicone bong!

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