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GRAV Labs Dugout | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop. GRAV Labs Dugout | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
GRAV Labs Dugout from $44.99 $49.99
It's light and portable, and it's ready to go. The GRAV® Dugout is the definition of practicality. In one handheld, pocket-sized device, you have your pipe, storage, and cleaning tool. To gain access to the two chambers, twist the lid open. The smaller chamber contains a spring-loaded aluminum taster with teeth that make grinding and loading the bowl a breeze. The larger one has a polycarbonate storage space for your flower. A hollow pin on the bottom of the Dugout can be used to clear and clean your bowl after smoking. The piece is constructed of CNC aluminum and features an etched GRAV logo and a zip-up carrying case with a clip that can be attached to a lanyard or keychain. Length Height: 3.75" Use With Flower Comes With Aluminum Taster & Carrying Case Designed 
GRAV Labs 6
GRAV Labs 6" Round Base Bong $84.99
GRAV Labs 6" Round Base The mini GRAV Round-Based Water Pipe is 6" tall and made on 25mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage. The round-based water pipe comes ready to use with a 10mm GRAV Cup Bowl and functions best with approximately 1" of water. 
GRAV Labs 8
GRAV Labs 8" Clear Wide Base Bong $159.99
This GRAV Straight-Based Water Pipe measures 8 inches in length "32mm tubing was used to create this towering structure. It has large orb perc at the end of the downstem that diffuses smoke through water and is fastened inside the pipe to prevent damage. The piece's tiered body prevents water from splashing out. The straight-based water pipe comes with a 14mm GRAV Cup Bowl and works best with 1.5 gallons of water "of a liquid
Grav Labs Two Layer Circuit Rig
Grav Labs Two Layer Circuit Rig $79.99
With the 5.5" GRAV Circuit Rig, you'll get twice the rotation. The intake hole's angle allows water and vapor to spin quickly, creating a significant centrifugal force. The vapor is cooled, making each hit smoother, and the effect is amplified by the dual-stacked chambers. With the 5.5" Circuit Rig, there's no need to be concerned about splashback because the acute bend in the mouthpiece retains all water inside the rig. All you have to do is pour roughly 0.5" of water into this item, which includes a 14mm female-jointed dome-less nail made of heat-tolerant quartz, and then you can get right down to the fun stuff.
Grav Labs 12
Grav Labs 12" Straight Black Bong w/Disc Perc $119.99
The 12" GRAV Straight Base with Disc Water Pipe is a unique spin on a classic tube. The honeycomb disc, which drives water and smoke through many tight turns to remove tar and debris, is the main attraction of this beauty. The geometric pinch, which also serves as an ice catcher and splash shield, ensures the smoothest and cleanest hits possible.
Grav Labs 11
Grav Labs 11" Gravitron Clear Gravity Bong $64.99
The 11" Gravitron is the smaller version of GRAV's flagship product, and it's still as fun and hard-hitting as it was in 2004. To use it, fill the outer base with 8" of water, place the bottle into the base, and load the 12 mm bowl. When you're ready to hit it, remove the bowl and inhale through the bottle's mouthpiece as you push it back down into the water. This will create a pressurized flow of smoke that will give you a massive hit in record time.
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Grav Labs 8
Grav Labs 8" Round Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem - Clear $109.99
Grav Labs 8 Round Water Pipe w/Fixed Downstem-ClearEveryone will want to gather around the 8" GRAV Round Base Water Pipe. The clear glass with black accents lets you see the magic at work as the fission downstem diffuses smoke through water to give you extra smooth hits. The downstem is fixed to prevent damage, keeping your water pipe solid and secure. A geometric press pinch improves the familiar shape you love with a splash guard and an ice catcher. This piece includes a 14mm GRAV Cup Bowl, so once you have your Round Base Water Pipe, you need to add about 1.5" of water, and you're good to go. But, trust us, you won't want to wait.  The labels for this piece come in assorted colors.
Grav Labs 8
Grav Labs 8" Black Beaker Bong $119.99
The 8" Grav Labs Beaker Bong is perfect for any experimentalist. The beautiful clear glass with black accents allows you to see all the inner workings of your lab project, while the fixed fission downstem diffuses smoke through water, giving you ultra-smooth hits. This water pipe also includes a geometric pressed pinch, which doubles as a splash guard and an ice catcher.
Grav Labs 7
Grav Labs 7" Helix Clear Bubbler Kit $129.99
Grav Labs 7" Helix Bubbler Kit - Clear The kit's three attachments pair with the mouthpiece: a spoon head designed for use with plant matter, a hammer bubbler head designed to offer water filtration, and a vapor nozzle designed for use with plant extract. The connection between an attachment and the mouthpiece is secured by a 14mm plastic joint clamp. The kit includes everything necessary to build all three assemblies, and the bubbler attachment functions best with approximately 0.5" of water
Grav Labs 14
Grav Labs 14" Gravitron Clear Gravity Bong $69.99
Gravitron Clear Gravity Bong has been the world's first all-glass gravity smoking system since 2004. The bong is made of thick, high-quality glass and the Gravitron chamber is made of food-grade silicone. This bong can generate a lot of smoke in a short period of time. The packaging also includes a free replacement bowl, stash jar, and poker.
GRAV Labs - UHPF - 4
GRAV Labs - UHPF - 4" Frosted Spoon Pipe from $19.99
Grav Lab 4 inch UHPF Frosted Spoon The GRAV Frosted Spoon Hand Pipe is made of 25mm tubing and measures 4" long. It has an inverted mouthpiece that collects ash, and its exterior has been sandblasted for a matte and textured finish. This hand pipe does not require any accessories or water to use.
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Grav Labs Dabitron Conversion Kit | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
Grav Labs Dabitron Conversion Kit $29.99
Grav Labs Dabitron Conversion KitThe 10" Dabitron Bubbler Downstem converts the Gravitron Water Pipe into a large upright rig, adding water filtration and compatibility with plant extract. The downstem is paired with a 14mm female domeless nail made of heat-tolerant quartz.
Grav Labs SPG Fixed Umbrella Flare Clear Dab Rig | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop. Grav Labs SPG Fixed Umbrella Flare Clear Dab Rig | Top Of The Galaxy Smoke Shop.
Grav Labs SPG Fixed Umbrella Flare Clear Dab Rig $109.99
The Fixed Umbrella Flared Rig is a designed piece that functions well tilted or straight up, with a low or high water line. That kind of versatility is great when you want to rely on a single piece for all your needs. This standup bubbler is ideal for daily use and will aggressively filter without causing any heavy drag.

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