Higher Standards Glass Taster.
Higher Standards Glass Taster $24.99
HIGHER STANDARDS GLASS TASTER The Higher Standards Glass Taster features a slender and discreet profile that delivers instant hits and convenient smoking experiences. Only 3.5 inches long and constructed from medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Glass Taster sports remarkable durability and is extremely lightweight. Equipped with a narrow bowl and pinch, this one-hitter pipe is the perfect on-the-go companion. The Glass Taster can be easily cleaned to crystal-clear perfection with the Higher Standards ISO Pure and Salt Rox, along with our other care and maintenance products. Pair with the Higher Standards Taster Holder for safe and smell-proof storage. FEATURES Length: 3.5.” Discreet & Portable Borosilicate Glass Narrow Bowl & Pinch Durable & Lightweight Design HS Triangle Artwork   WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Higher Standards Glass Taster
Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray.
Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray $69.99
ABOUT THE HIGHER STANDARDS PREMIUM CRYSTAL ASHTRAY Designed in the USA, the Higher Standards Premium Crystal Ashtray sports a modern and cutting-edge aesthetic that will truly take your sessions to the next level. This genuine, heavy-duty crystal ashtray is constructed for use before, during, and after your sessions. From hand-rolled masterpieces to hot tools, Higher Standards designed the Premium Crystal Ashtray with three triangular divots that conveniently support hot materials. FEATURES 100% Borosilicate Glass Designed In The USA 3 Triangular Rests Highly-Durable Design Dishwasher Safe High-Quality Craftsmanship WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray 1x Reusable Collector’s Box
Higher Standards Glass Filter Tips.
Higher Standards Glass Filter Tips $29.99
ABOUT THE HIGHER STANDARDS PREMIUM GLASS FILTER TIPS Constructed from medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips make smoking easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable. Sleek, durable, and ergonomic, they deliver filtered, clean-tasting smoke while acting as a protective barrier between your fingertips and the heat source. A pinch blocks particles from entering the mouth, keeping hits pure and smooth. This 6-pack of Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips can be cleaned to crystal clear perfection with Higher Standards ISO Pure and Pipe Dreamz. FEATURES Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass Smooth, Filtered Hits Easy-to-Clean Reusable Pinch for Blocking Particles Higher Standards Logo 7MM Diameter Set Of 6 Assorted Colors WHAT'S IN THE BOX 6x Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips
Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler Dab Rig.
Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler Dab Rig $144.99
HIGHER STANDARDS HEAVY DUTY RIGGLER The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler is engineered for advanced, portable water filtration of your dry herb and concentrates. This dual-use innovation features a 7 mm thick, medical-grade borosilicate glass construction. Designed with a fixed diffused downstem, the Riggler creates fine bubbles and promotes superior airflow for moisture-rich and dense pulls. The Riggler is equipped with a quartz banger and glass bowl for optimal flavor transfer. This revolutionary piece includes a carb cap for an airtight seal and a double-sided concentrate tool with silicone grips for comfortable and precise handling of your material. The Heavy Duty Riggler also features a sturdy base for supreme stability. FEATURES Made In The USA Dual-Use Design Fixed Diffused Downstem Carb Cap 7 mm Thick Borosilicate Glass 100% Quartz Banger Optimal Flavor Transfer Concentrate Tool Sturdy Base   WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Riggler 1x Carb Cap 1x Quartz Banger 1x Bowl 1x Tool
Higher Standards Glass Spoon Pipe.
Higher Standards Glass Spoon Pipe $64.99
HIGHER STANDARDS GLASS SPOON PIPE Made in the USA, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe delivers smooth, flavorful smoke in a handheld design. This ultra-durable pipe is handcrafted from medical-grade borosilicate glass with a three-millimeter thickness.The bowl’s large fill capacity enables big rips and long-lasting sessions. With every pull, the spacious chamber produces extraordinarily dense clouds of smoke. To regulate airflow, the Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is designed with a side carburetor hole. The flared mouthpiece provides an airtight seal, so no smoke is wasted. A broad, flat base not only ensures the pipe remains upright for easy loading but it provides a comfortable and secure grip. The Spoon Pipe is finished with a sandblasted Higher Standards emblem and packaged in a sleek, travel-ready collector’s case. FEATURES Large Fill Capacity Wide, Flat Base Handcrafted Borosilicate Glass 3 mm Thick Made In The USA Durable & Lightweight Flared Mouthpiece Side Carburetor Hole Sandblasted Logo Packaged In Sleek Collector’s Case Ergonomic Grip   WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Higher Standards Glass Spoon Pipe

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