LA Pipes Straight Shooter 8" Bong (Various Colors)



LA Pipes Straight Shooter 8" Bong (Various Colors)



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Product description

Introducing the 8" Tall boro straight tube from LA Pipes. This classic piece now comes with a stylish twist - a colorful mouthpiece. Handmade in sunny Los Angeles, California, our pipes are the real deal. Don't be fooled by imitators who try to ride on our coattails and name their companies after precious stones and metals. Those diamonds and platinums can't hold a candle to the original OG brand, LA Pipes. We've been in the game since 1997 and we're not going anywhere.

Unlike those Chinese imports with fancy logos, we offer you authenticity at an affordable price. Why settle for "Flike's" or "Abbibas" when you can get the genuine article? And here's another reason to choose us: we guarantee our pipes for life! Yes, you read that right. If your LA Pipes bong ever breaks, simply come back for another item from us and receive 50% off your original purchase price.

Now let's talk about what makes this particular pipe special. It features 38mm diameter tubing made of heavy wall American borosilicate glass for durability you can count on. The straight base design is complemented by an ice-pinch that allows you to add ice cubes for smoother hits.

But it doesn't stop there - we've added some style too! The mouthpiece is wrapped with your choice of green slyme, purple slyme, amber resin, jet black onyx or sapphire blue accents. To top it off, each pipe proudly displays the iconic LA Pipes decal along with our official gold seal.

To enhance your smoking experience right out of the box, this pipe comes complete with a 14mm glass-on-glass bowl and a diffused 14mm/18mm down-stem.

Trust in LA Pipes to deliver quality craftsmanship combined with eye-catching aesthetics - because when it comes to smoking accessories, we're experts who know how to meet all your needs while keeping things cool and laid-back.

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