GRAV® Spherical Pocket Bubbler (Various Colors)

$39.99 $44.99 -12% OFF


GRAV® Spherical Pocket Bubbler (Various Colors)

$39.99 $44.99 -12% OFF


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Product description

The GRAV® Pocket Bubbler

The Versatile and Portable Bubbler

The GRAV® Pocket Bubbler is the perfect choice for those who want a versatile and portable bubbler. It can be used with flower, concentrates, or even a joint or blunt. The bubbler chamber adds a little water filtration, which cools and smooths the smoke or vapor for a more enjoyable experience. The spherical bubbler stands sturdily on its flat bottom and fits very discreetly in your hand.

The Pocket Bubbler is Perfect for:

  • On-the-go smoking
  • Sharing with friends
  • Experimenting with different smoking or vaping methods

The Pocket Bubbler Comes with:

  • 10mm Cup Bowl
  • GRAV® 10mm 45° Male Banger
  • Cleaning Brush

Order your GRAV® Pocket Bubbler today and experience the versatility and portability of this amazing piece!

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