GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone

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GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone

$84.99 $99.99 -16% OFF


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Product description

The GRAV® Deco Beaker: A Beautiful and Functional Bong

The GRAV® Deco Beaker is a beautiful and functional bong that is perfect for those who want a stylish and durable piece. The Deco Beaker is made from borosilicate glass with custom-fitted silicone covers for the base and mouthpiece. This makes the bong both strong and damage-resistant while also adding a touch of class.

The Deco Beaker features swoopy curves and straight lines that evoke a vintage art deco style. The mouthpiece is easy to grip at the center, and the gentle outward curve to the bong's base makes it wider than traditional beakers. This design helps to cool the smoke and deliver smooth, flavorful hits.

The Deco Beaker has a removable downstem joint, modular downstem filter, and cleaning caps. The tip of the downstem can be removed for cleaning or replacement, and the silicone parts allow for easy disassembly and cleaning of the bong. This makes the Deco Beaker a great choice for those who want a bong that is easy to maintain.


  • Beautiful art deco design
  • Made from durable borosilicate glass
  • Custom-fitted silicone covers for the base and mouthpiece
  • Removable downstem joint
  • Modular downstem filter
  • Cleaning caps


  • Enjoy smooth, flavorful hits
  • Make your smoking experience more enjoyable
  • Impress your friends with your unique smoking gear
  • Durable and damage-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Order your GRAV® Deco Beaker today and experience the difference! 

Designed by: Micah Evans
Height: 241.3
Joint: 14mm Female
Length: 127
Main material: Borosilicate/Silicone
Use with: Flower & Concentrate
Width: 127

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