Freeze Pipe- Ash Catcher


Adding an ash catcher to a bong does two things; Makes for healthier and tastier hits by adding another level of water filtration, and keeps your piece cleaner for longer by preventing debris from entering the bong. Not all ash catchers are created equal, and Freeze Pipe's sits among the best designed. A built-in double showerhead perc for powerful filtration with low drag is the main event, and the onboard recycler means it won’t pump water into your primary piece and ruin the water levels as most ash catchers do. 


  • 14mm & 18mm male joint (Fits all 90-degree pieces)


  • Includes honeycomb bowl


  • Double showerhead perc for water filtration and low drag


  • Recycler function ensures no water level disruption


  • Keeps bong clean and running smooth


  • High-quality borosilicate glass

Freeze Pipe- Ash Catcher

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