My Bud Vase- Coyote


My Bud Vase- Coyote

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Product description


Introducing the exquisite ceramic My Bud Vase, inspired by the lone Coyōté, a symbol of new birth and transformation. This earthy beauty is designed to accompany you through the tremendous changes and shifts towards normalization that are happening daily. Our product is crafted with sand-textured covering and a matte-painted full-bodied base, exuding a discreet and distinct charm. The vase comes with a succulent topper and a bottle-brush style faux flower poker that matches her lone stripe of color and her custom bowl. Our My Bud Vase is not only clever and creative but also deceptive and daring, just like the coyote. We hope our product will guide you to a beautiful new way of smoking and help move these changes forward for you. Order now and experience the transformative power of the Coyōté.


Included in your Coyōté My Bud Vase®

  • Coyōté Vase - H: 10 inches W: 5 inches
  • Coyōté Custom Slide- 9 millimeters 2.75" Red Bubble Bowl
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Succulent Flower Poker 
  • My Bud Vase® tag & Certificate of Authenticity
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