Canada Puffin Stone Spoon Pipe


Canada Puffin Stone Spoon Pipe

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Product description

For a smoking experience that is as solid as a rock”


Built to last and agile in nature, this Stone Spoon Pipe was inspired by the rolling motion of granite curling stones. Crafted with 4mm heat-resistant, borosilicate glass and Canadian Maple wood, this piece strikes the perfect balance between durability and portability. Every component, including the glass and Maple wood mouthpiece, is simple to remove for cleaning or storage. Enjoy a consistently smooth draw each and every time with this remarkable pipe.


* As Canada Puffin products are expertly hand crafted, and due to the natural variance of natural maple wood, each piece will be unique and one-of a kind. There may be slight variances in shape, colour, wood pattern and engraving.

Box Size: 5.75" x 5.15" x 3.85"

Product Size: 4.15" x 2.85" x 2" 


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