Beamer Candle Co. Red Mother F*#k3R (12 oz)


Beamer Candle Co. Red Mother F*#k3R (12 oz)

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Product description

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind scent inspired by the classic Blue Mother F*#k3r drink. Many candles say they eliminate odors when covered up, leaving them to resurface later once the candle’s out. Not candles from Beamer's Smoke Killer Collection, however. Their candles feature natural odor-killing enzymes that absorb bad smells, producing a fresh-smelling home that stays clean even once the candle is finished. In addition, each 12 oz. candle features a 90-hour burn time! The candle is made of soy-blend wax with a lead-free wick.  Combined with their all-natural scent, the Smoke Killer Collection will leave your home with a pleasant aroma that lasts long after the candle has stopped burning.

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