10.5 10.5
10.5" Vodka Rose Bong $99.99
Description: Are you looking for an herb bong for the true connoisseur but don't want to pay the connoisseur price? Then the Rose Quartz waterpipe by Vodka Glass is a perfect choice! The Rose Quartz, another addition to Vodka Glass extravagant Diamond Series, features a slim straight tube on the bottom, with a pinched diamond chamber on top, just below the diamond-cut mouthpiece. The slitted drum percolator will deliver the smooth delicious-tasting hits you have been waiting for.This striking bong is just 10.5 inches tall, so it's easy to carry and easy to store. The extra thick diamond cut stable foot at the base helps to prevent tragic accidents. The smoke is filtered and cooled as it travels through the slits of the drum percolator and into the upper chamber. The sturdy diamond-cut glass bowl included with your purchase will hold your favorite dry herbs with class. SPECS: • High-quality borosilicate glass• Straight tube bottom chamber• Pinched diamond top chamber• Fixed downstem with 18.8mm female joint• 18.8mm diamond cut male herb bowl• Slitted drum percolator• No carb holes• Extra thick diamond cut round foot• Vodka Glass decal on neck and downstem
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12.5" Heavy Sprinkler Percolator Bong $64.99
Description : Nothing ruins a good smoke session like a spilled bong. This colorful 12.5" Heavy Sprinkler Perc Bong with the unusually-shaped tube features a cool colorful pattern on its body. This water pipe's shape prevents messy spills and keeps used bong water out of your mouth. This elegant glass piece has a fixed downstem and a beautifully decorated bowl. It has a stable round base that prevents it from wobbling or tipping over while in use or when filling the bowl with herbs. This is a water pipe you'll enjoy using and showing off to your friends if you're looking for a bong that stands out from the crowd. Get yours right away. SPECS : • The bong is 12.5 Inches tall• Percolator attached for the smoothest of hits• Abstract details and colorful bowl piece• Made from quality borosilicate glass• Colors may vary from photo
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3D Monster 12 3D Monster 12
3D Monster 12" Bong Thick Glass (Various Designs & Colors) $114.99
This 3D Monster Bong is a colossal monster. Thick, heavy, and spectacular. It not only looks good, but it also protects the bong. This is a powerful bong. And, while the overlay covers the majority of the bong, there is a window that allows you to see right into the chamber! It's entertaining to watch in action, and it signals when it's time to clean up. 12 Inches in Height Wide 2" Diameter Mouthpiece and Shaft 7mm Thick Borosilicate Glass Beaker Style Bong 3D Monster Overlay Design and Color Varies 14mm 45 Degree Joint Removable Downspout and Bowl Included 1 Count
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3D Monster 7 3D Monster 7
3D Monster 7" Mini Dab Rig with Male Banger (Various Designs & Various Colors) $64.99
The thickness of this 3D Monster Mini Dab Rig is substantial. It has a cool monster overlay that protects the rig while also providing excellent grip. You can still see the chamber because the design does not cover the entire glass rig. 7 Inches in Height 3D Monster Design Removable Male Banger Color & Designs will vary  1 Count

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