AccuBANKER 5800 Currency Counter $544.99
The AccuBANKER 5800 is a bank-grade, multi-currency bill counter suitable for counting both paper and polymer bills. The heavy-duty construction and three adjustable counting speeds (1,200, 1,500, and 1,800 bills per minute) make it ideal for fast-paced, high-volume businesses. The total batch value calculator allows users to obtain the full value of a batch for a selected denomination and the total value of all the batches counted. Keep track of these values on the unit’s LCD or through detailed printed reports by adding the AccuBANKER Thermal Printer (sold separately). In addition, the AB5800 is standardly equipped with various counterfeit detection features such as ultraviolet, magnetic ink, double bill, and size verification. It will notify users with visual and audible alerts whenever double bills, suspicious bills, and chained bills are detected. AccuBANKER 5800 Highlights: suitable for paper and polymer bills. It is programmed for USD, EUR, CAD, and MXN currencies. Adjustable count speeds range from 1,200 to 1,800 bills per minute. It features a total batch value calculator. The external display depicts the amount counted and provides CCTV reference. Equipped with four (4) counterfeit detection functions, Emergency Stop button Large, easy-to-read LCD Protected by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty
Cyclones Clear Cones - Blueberry Flavor - (24 Count Display) $39.99
Pre-rolled cones are a convenient way to consume your favorite herbal blend. The Cyclones Clear Blueberry Flavor Cone is manufactured from a mixture of glucose, water, and cotton cellulose, giving it a natural taste and texture. These blunts are light and taste as close to pipe smoking as you can get without actually smoking a pipe. Take the approach of trying one before they're all gone! Cones made from natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water NO TOBACCO!  24 Per Box 2 x Cones per Tube

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