Best Movies To Watch While High

7 people watching a movie in a theater with 3D glasses on

  • Why do they rock when high: Fast-paced, insane stunts, explosions... need we say more? It's sensory overload in the best way.
    • Our picks: The "Fast and Furious" franchise (pure mindless fun)
    • "John Wick" (Keanu Reeves + gun-fu = awesome)
    • "The Raid: Redemption" (Nonstop martial arts madness)

Laugh Your Buds Off Stoner Comedies

  • Why they're perfect: Everything's funnier when high, especially the dumb stuff. Pure joyful escapism.
    • Our picks: "Pineapple Express" (The OG goofy weed movie)
    • "Superbad" (Awkward teen hijinks, amplified)
    • "The Big Lebowski" (The Dude abides, and so will you)

Journey to Another World: Fantasy

  • Why it's mind-blowing: Epic visuals, magical creatures, the works! Your imagination goes into overdrive.
    • Our picks: "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (the gold standard; just try not to get lost in Middle Earth for hours...)
    • "Pan's Labyrinth" (Dark, beautiful, meant to be experienced)
    • "Spirited Away" (Studio Ghibli animation is always a trippy delight)

Outer Space & Inner Thoughts: Sci-Fi

  • Why it hits different: Big ideas, mind-bending visuals...sci-fi can spark those deep "whoa" moments.
    • Our picks: "Interstellar" (Space travel, time warps – buckle up)
    • "Arrival" (Aliens that make you rethink language itself)
    • "Ex Machina" (Creepy AI gets way too real)

The Thrills & Chills: Horror

  • Why it's a wild ride: Yes, jump scares + paranoia is risky. But some horror is trippy, not just terrifying.
    • Our picks: "The Witch" (Historical setting, atmospheric dread)
    • "Hereditary" (Slow-burn unease that sticks with you)
    • "Midsommar" (Folk horror with visuals so gorgeous it almost distracts from the messed-up stuff)

The Bottom Line

It's all about what YOU enjoy! These are starting points. A cheesy 80s B-movie might be your perfect high-watch. Experiment, laugh with friends, and discover films made just for a lifted mindset.


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