Waxmaid 3.94‘’ Frosted Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler



Waxmaid 3.94‘’ Frosted Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler



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Product description


1. This Fetal Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler is made from handmade and high-quality borosilicate glass. Solid, thick, and 100% sturdy!

2. Unique and heady dinosaur design inside, an encased worked Yoshi figure from the Super Mario Bros Nintendo games.

3. It comes with three holes diffused percolators on the base of the Yoshi dinosaur, providing tons of bubbles easily!

4. Tiny 3.94 size, mini egg-shaped, hanging out easily in your hand.

5. It's a perfect craftsmanship gift for a video game fan or any glass collector.

Package including:

1* Frosted Yoshi egg bubbler
1* 14-18mm joint 90° quartz banger
1* Exclusive Box

How to Clean Waxmaid Frosted Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler?

1. Take the banger out of your bubbler and put it into a sealable container or plastic bag, add alcohol and salt, then shake it up till you are satisfied that the piece is clean.

2. Pour alcohol and salt into your dab rig when the bubbler is still warm and hot, especially after every use.

3. Then cover the holes and other openings of your bubbler with your hands, and shake up the rig until the water changes to a dirty brown, loosen and dissolve reclaim buildup.

4. The last step is to rinse the quartz banger and glass rig piece, you must rinse the rig thoroughly with warm water for about 3-5 minutes, ensuring all alcohol and the remains are washed away. You could use the cottons swabs with isopropyl alcohol to wipe out the joint area outside and inside any reclaims spots, then rinse the quartz banger thoroughly. 

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