Honeybee Herb - HONEY HIVE BUBBLE CARB CAP $19.99
Get the best of dabbing with the premium Honey Hive bubble carb cap. This cap will help you improve efficiency and flavor regardless of how hot you like your dabs. In addition, you can use it to direct airflow and spin your terps when you pair it with some terp pearls.It is an excellent choice for seasoned dabbers who like high-quality, multi-functional tools.
Honeybee Herb - Reclaim Catcher Double Pack $44.99
Reclaim Catchers 90° and 45° degree for 14mm female Removable silicone bottom with the lid for container
Experience the pinnacle of dabbing with the QUARTZ DUAL SPINNER CARB CAP! This must-have accessory will help you up your game, no matter how hot your hits. Plus, you can dial in your flavor and direct airflow with the addition of terp pearls. Perfect for experienced dabbers who demand the highest quality gear.
Honeybee Herb - HONEY TOPPER CARB CAP $19.99
Are you looking for a carb cap for your honey pot? Then you need the Honey Topper Carb Cap. These carb caps will meet all of your carbing needs without hesitation. Regardless of how fat of a slab you toss on your rig, you’ll find the Honey Topper Carb Cap comes out swinging every time.With the Honey Topper Carb Cap, you’ll have a carb cap that’s capable and stunning. The quartz construction brings a beautiful aesthetic to the table. But even though it’s made from quartz, it’s beyond durable with its thick design. That’s right. The Honey Topper Carb Cap is thick in all the right places, ensuring an accidental fall will result in minimal damage. So what are you waiting for? Toss this in your cart.What’s this? A friend for your Honey Topper Carb Cap? For those looking for the perfect piece for your Honey Topper Carb Cap, you’ll want to check out our great product line of quality quartz bangers. Become the envy of your dabber friends by including one of these bad boys in your cart. So what are you waiting for? Here’s your invitation. Let’s make it happen now.
Wave goodbye to the classroom -- dabbing has never been easier thanks to these impressive Glass Pencil Concentrate Tools. Whether you're just starting out or are a dabbing veteran, you're sure to love this must-have essential. This tool has a familiar, reliable design for a feeling of nostalgia with every hit. And there's nothing quite like the excitement of a Honeybee Herb package containing one of these gems!The Glass Pencil Concentrate Tool's slim design offers unmatched usability. Get your favorite oil and place it on your rig. Impress your friends with this tool now.
The glass blunt set by Honeybee Herb is a versatile little smoking device that allows you to burn on the move. A full-stem chillum wrapped in FDA-grade silicone gives you maximum flavor with grip and heat protection. As a bonus, the kit comes with a 3-chamber plastic grinder with a stashbox lid, so you can have round two ready to rock!
Rig Rig Material-Silicone Joint Size - 14mm Female Rig Height-7" 66mm 14mm Male Quartz Nail 14mm Male Glass Flower Bowl Metal Dab Tool Traveling somewhere? Or maybe you just want a rig that you cannot break. Introducing the Rig/Bong Travel Kit from Honeybee Herb. This complete setup comes with a silicone travel bong/rig that features an actual honeycomb-style percolator for efficient diffusion. It also features a removable bottom, allowing easy access for cleaning. The set also includes a 14mm male Quartz Banger, a glass Flower Bowl, a silicone carb cap, and a metal dab tool. Grab this set today, bring it with you on your next trip, vacation, or festival, and see why this is truly an all-in-one kit for on-the-go dabbing!
Reclaim Catcher Double Pack $34.99
Honeybee Herb Reclaim Catcher Double Pack:  The most common features of the reclaimed catcher pack are: Reclaim Catchers One with a 90° Degree Quartz Banger & Nail with a 14mm Male Joint Angle  One with a 45° Degree Quartz Banger & Nail with a 14mm Male Joint Angle  Silicone Dab Slick Attached: FDA-Approved Grade Do you like to get the absolute most out of your dab sessions? Then, the Reclaim Catcher Double Pack is for you. This package features two reclaimed catchers, one with a 45° degree banger joint angle and a second that utilizes a 90-degree joint angle.  No matter your rig's joint angle, you can catch all of your reclaimed. Both reclaim catchers feature a 14mm male joint to fit into your rig's 14mm female joint and a 14mm female joint to fit your 14mm male banger. The reclaim catcher serves one primary purpose, to catch your reclaimed or leftover dab material. In addition, it acts as a collection reservoir between your quartz banger & nail and your bongs. Any non-vaporized material sucked through the nail and any reclaim that accumulates will be collected in the reclaim catcher, not on your dab rig nail, making the reclaim a helpful catcher and aesthetically pleasing. These reclaim catchers both feature an FDA-approved silicone container that attaches to the bottom, making collecting your reclaim for later use more accessible than ever. The two-pack is a value that is hard to pass up.  For this price, it is hard to believe that you can outfit two of your rigs with different joint angles and beautiful-looking, but highly functional reclaim catchers. Don't hesitate on this double pack, and order yours now!
Honeybee Herb Logo T-Shirt $24.99
Unisex Honeybee Herb Logo T-Shirt. Perfect the dabber who wants to rep their favorite quartz banger brand!  Our signature herb logo elevates traditional T-shirt style and sets itself apart with a stylish yet subtle look. It's perfect for everyday wear.
Are you in need of a spare or replacement glass pipe screen for your Honeybee Herb pipe travel pack? Honeybee Herb Glass Pipe Screens are precisely what you require to ensure optimal performance of your silicone pipe. These two-pack glass screens are of exceptional durability. They are intended to effectively reduce the build-up of herbal particles that commonly occur when smoke is inhaled through silicone pipes. Thanks to the advanced design for heat distribution, users can also be confident that their pipes will not be exposed to high temperatures. With Honeybee Herb Glass Pipe Screens, you can be sure your silicone pipes stay clean and fresh.  Don't delay - get your two-pack of Honeybee Herb Glass Pipe Screens today! Durable and low-maintenance, they'll keep your glass pipes at peak performance for ages.  
Honeybee Herb Quartz Funnel from $0.00
Introducing Honeybee Herb's Terp Funnel, also known as Terp Titty, the perfect accessory for your dabbing needs! Our funnels are designed to help you achieve a slow and steady release of products, otherwise known as micro-dosing. Experience top-tier quality, too--our funnels are made entirely of quartz. They can handle the same amount of heat that our quartz bangers can. Are you in need of a short or long funnel? We've got you covered with Honeybee Herb's Terp Funnel. Whether it's meant for low-temperature loading or high-temperature dabbing, this funnel is guaranteed to make your life easier. Due to its inner chamber, our funnel helps prevent products from being wasted unnecessarily due to overloading or dropping. Take your dabbing experience up a notch: with Honeybee Herb's Terp Funnel! Upgrade your setup today and enjoy accurate dosing without compromising on quality-our funnel is made from unrivaled quartz material so that you can feel confident in every eye-catching dab. It doesn't get much better than this. Get yours now and take advantage of our unbeatable prices! 
The Honey and Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar is a great option for those looking for a high-quality quartz banger with excellent heat retention and airflow. The seamless weld and 3mm thickness make it durable and resistant to breakage, while the opaque bottom helps to prevent chazzing. The two angled holes provide excellent airflow, allowing for complete and proper vaporization of your concentrates. The Honey Pearls, Dab Marble Set, Honey Capsules, Honey Hive Carb Cap, and Honey Bubble Carb Cap are all compatible with the Honey and Milk Whirlwind Sidecar. These inserts and carb caps can help improve the flavor and smoothness of your dabs. If you are looking for a high-quality quartz banger that will give you a great dabbing experience, the Honey and Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar is a great option. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Honey and Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar: Pros: High-quality quartz construction Seamless weld 3mm thickness Opaque bottom for better heat retention Two angled holes for excellent airflow Compatible with a variety of inserts and carb caps Cons: Can be a bit expensive Not the most durable banger on the market Overall, the Honey and Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar is a great option for those looking for a high-quality quartz banger with excellent heat retention and airflow. If you are willing to spend a bit more money, this is a great choice.  Outer Diameter - 25mm Thickness - 2.5mm Height - 40mm Edge - Bevel 90° Frosted Joint Opaque Bottom Whirlwind Side Holes Sidecar Design Seamless Weld Butane Torch Recommended Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
Outer Diameter - 25mm Thickness - 3mm Edge - Bevel 90° Frosted Joint Butane Torch Recommended This piece follows the same idea as the original Honeybee Herb Bevel that comes with the Beveled Edge. This banger arrives in both the 45-degrees and the 90-degree designs. This is a seamless joint that is made from real quartz material. We had an idea to protect your banger from any poor torch aim and add strength where it's already a challenge to do so as we're talking about a product made from 100% quartz front to back.The design of this is sturdy which makes it perfect for a stronger and smoother hit. Get the deal as we are offering the considerable price difference we offer in comparison to other single weld units on the market. This banger also has the feature of 2pcs Tourbillon/ Spinning Holes that gives you the time to enjoy long hauls. It has been made with a bucket thickness of 3mm, a bucket OD of 25mm, and a bucket height of 42mm. It is recommended to use the butane torch with all our equipment rather than propane to guarantee being set for the long haul.

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