RAW Classic Lean Cones (800 Count)


RAW Classic Lean Cones (800 Count)

Product description

RAW Classic Lean Cones are a hand-rolled smoke with a distinct flavor profile. Lean cones are the same length as a RAW Classic King size Cone (110 mm), but they're skinnier and have a longer tip (for more information, see our cone size chart at the bottom of the page). The flavor is completely different than a typical 'fat cone' due to the smaller surface area of the ember (the burning part). Because the RAW Classic Lean Cone is so thin, we have to roll a spiral tip for each one individually. They’re a specialty cone that many smokers enjoy as their absolute favorite!

A 20-cone pack and an 800-piece bulk box of RAW Classic Lean Cones are available.

  • King size Cone (110 mm) Diameter of Cone: 7 mm
  • 240 cones per box / 20 cones per pack / 12 cones per box
  • 100% Vegan, All-Natural, No-Additives
  • There is a paper loader included.

RAW Classic Lean Cones (800 Count)

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