Raw Classic Bulk Cone 1 1/4" (900 Count)


Raw Classic Bulk Cone 1 1/4" (900 Count)

Product description

Buying in bulk is just innovative thinking. Consumers will always want to take advantage of the quality of RAW classic cones. A paper tip is included on the end of each cone, 1 1/4" or 84 mm in size. 

900 units come per box, giving you the ideal amount of supply to get pre-rolled products ready for your customers. Whether you run a dispensary, a smoke shop, or any other relevant business, 

Pre-rolled Cones That Give An Even Burn? It Sounds Like a Dream Come True! 

Everyone within the roll-your-own-smoke community knows how challenging it can be for a beginner when they start out. However, with precision-crafted cones that are pre-rolled and ready for filling, you can simply reap the benefits of a hand-rolled cone without taking all the time to mess around with the rolling paper to make sure it doesn’t tear. 

Buy in Bulk and Get A Better Bang for Your Buck! 

RAW’s pre-rolled cones are carefully crafted and designed to burn evenly and ensure a satisfying smoke. These amazing cones all include a paper tip on the end of each one, and each box has 900 cones included inside it. 

An Environmentally Friendly and Ethical Brand 

As a brand, RAW is very environmentally conscious, and therefore, they have invested their time and efforts into developing a product that is eco-friendly. They do not utilize additional chalk or dyes in the manufacturing of their products, and their paper is completely plant-based.

Raw Classic Bulk Cone 1 1/4" (900 Count)

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