RAW Authentic Cone Cutter - (12 Count Display)


RAW Authentic Cone Cutter - (12 Count Display)

Product description

The Left-Over Sprucer-Upper! To ensure a fresh re-light every time, cut off your ash (ideal for leftovers). The sharpened 80-degree blades on the RAW Cone Cutter are designed to snip your RAW joint. You can easily trim the end off to improve the taste of re-lighting! It's best to cut back around 4mm from the ash point. It also works well as an extinguisher; cut off the end and store the rest in your case! The built-in poker isn't to be missed (it's flush-mounted so that it won't fall off during transport).

We modified the blades and structure of a classic cigar cutter to make it PERFECT for PAPER!

Trim off the ash portion of a partial cone whenever you want to save it for later. It will taste MUCH better when you re-light it, and you will immediately understand why we created this device for you!!!

Cone cutter that works perfectly. Leftover Sprucer-upper.

• Includes built-in poker.

RAW Authentic Cone Cutter - (12 Count Display)

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