Journey Pipe


Sleek, innovative design is just the beginning of the journey you'll take with this efficient and beautiful metal hand pipe!

The chamber of the Journey Pipe filters smoke and cools it by forcing it through a thin, wavy path. Special zinc alloy keeps the pipe cool to the touch. It conveniently snaps open into three pieces for easy cleaning with a tissue or antibacterial wipe. Constructed from durable metal, tar is easily wiped off the smooth, non-toxic surface. With no tar buildup trapped inside, bacteria doesn't get a chance to grow. Your smoke is clean every time, and the pipe stays clear for effortless inhaling. The top piece of the pipe is a lid that slides left or right to open. When snapped in place, it snuffs out smoldering ashes and keeps the bowl from spilling. The pieces are held together by magnets, easy to open, and to snap shut.

Journey Pipe

Color Clear filters
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