Hygrometer Digital Sensor Smell Proof UV Stash Jar (Humidity & Temperature)


Hygrometer Digital Sensor Smell Proof UV Stash Jar (Humidity & Temperature)

Product description


  • HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE DIGITAL SENSOR: The top lid has a hygrometer on it so you can tell the humidity and temperature of your inside contents.
  • SMELL-PROOF: Wide mouth seals air tight with BPA-free, black screw-on top lid. Heavy duty for long-term sealed use; preserves contents, contains aroma fragrances, eliminates stinky scents.
  • 250mL HALF OUNCE CAPACITY: This hygrometer jar is the perfect size for the right amount of herbs. It can hold 500mL of fluid or half an ounce of dry herbs since this is the most popular size.
  • SUPER HIGH-QUALITY: Super durable, hard, thick, high-end, damage-resistance from drops and falls. Lid foam cushion liner equipped with violet coated energy barrier for added protection and freshness.
  • BLACK MIRON UV GLASS: Putting something with moisture in a glass jar will deplte all of its moisture unless you're using a black miron glass jar. This stops any UV rays from coming in and withering the material. It's also called biophotonic glass.
  • CURING & STORAGE HERB JAR: You'll be glad to know that this jar doubles as a curing jar to control the environment of your buds.
  • DISCREET DESIGN: There are no stickers or graphics on the exterior of this herbal storage jar to make sure it looks as discreet as possible
  • **FREE INTEGRA BOOST 62% HUMIDITY PACK**: Keeps Herbs Fresh for Months with Humidity Pack

Hygrometer Digital Sensor Smell Proof UV Stash Jar (Humidity & Temperature)

Humidity & Temperature Digital Sensor Smell Proof Black UV Glass Jar The Discreet Alien black UV glass herb jar was created to not only protect your favorites herbs, spices, coffee or dried foods but also give you an update on the moisture inside. One of the reasons you want this specific glass jar is because it uses a humidity and temperature digital sensor. You never have to guess how your herbs are doing! If you ever need to put your herbs or spices somewhere, look no further. This jar is perfect because it helps your herb stay fresh and moist. The amount of benefits this specific jar provides is tremendous. Benefits: This black uv glass jar is totally different than many others. Not only is it super sleek and stylish but you can store it just about anywhere. Black Miron UV Glass Another awesome reason to use this jar is because it's made from Miron Glass which blocks all harmful UV rays from coming into the glass whether it's the sun or room light. Glass Jar You always want to make sure you're storing everything in glass jars to avoid your dry herbs from getting contaminated. Plastic is too static and can leach off harmful material onto your foods or edibles. Metal containers can change the taste of your herbs. It also helps better for airtight seals when you have a glass jar. Humidity and Temperature Sensor If you want a screwtop jar that no one else has, this one comes with a humidity and temperature digital sensor. No more guessing if your Boveda or Integra Boost humidity packet is working properly. Smell Proof This smell proof hygrometer jar works by sealing the wide mouth with an airtight seal with its BPA-free, black screw-on top lid. It is definitely heavy duty because it can be used for a long time without giving off a scent. It preserves the aroma fragrance!

Hygrometer Digital Sensor Smell Proof UV Stash Jar (Humidity & Temperature)

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