HEMPER Pineapple Bong XL

$134.99 $149.99 -11% OFF

HEMPER Pineapple Bong XL

$134.99 $149.99 -11% OFF
Product description

This is one behemoth bong.

This HEMPER glass is the perfect combination of style and function for consumers who prefer large hits. The double ball design, consisting of a globe-shaped chamber and an inner pineapple downstem + splash guard, adds an eye-catching touch.

Behold the two percolators of this XL rig for double-diffused, super-smooth hits. The showerhead perc breaks the smoke up and sends a flurry of bubbles up to the honeycomb perc for maximum bubble-stacking action. Topping it off is the beautifully hued pineapple splashguard to keep the water inside and the flavor-packed smoke flowing.

Grab the HEMPER Pineapple Bong XL while it's fresh!


  • 11" Inches Tall
  • Double-Ball Style
  • Pineapple Splashguard/Downstem
  • Dual Percs: Showerhead + Honeycomb


  • (1) HEMPER Pineapple XL Bong
  • (1) 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl

HEMPER Pineapple Bong XL

$134.99 $149.99 $15.00

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