Hemper 10" Chronic XL Bong


Hemper 10" Chronic XL Bong

Product description

The Hemper 10" Chronic XL Water Bong is a luxury bong design with a double percolator for beautifully filtered smoking. The first percolator is a blue, spikey ball design with directional holes that will spin the function. The second percolator is a spring showerhead disc perc with over 70 draining holes total. The double percolation filters the smoke to give you the smoothest hit and best function possible.


  • Height: 10 in. Tall
  • Width: 4.25 in. Base
  • Double Percolator
  • Blue Spiky Ball Perc (with directional holes for a spinning effect)
  • Spring Showerhead Perc to a Disc Perc with over 70 holes total!
  • Gold Ring Splash Guard


  • Hemper Chronic XL Bong
  • (1) 14 mm male matching chronic bong themed bowl

Hemper 10" Chronic XL Bong

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