Genius Essentials Kit

$144.99 $149.99 -4% OFF

Genius Essentials Kit

$144.99 $149.99 -4% OFF
Product description

Genius is a multifunctional device designed for flower and oil consumption, used by modern consumers around the world for enhanced taste and unique user experience. We are now offering the new Genius Essentials Kit, each kit contains:

  • 1 Genius Pipe
  • 1 V-Syndicate Slider
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 G-Stone
  • 3 Pack TruTaste Screens
  • 2-Pack Genius Sponge 

Better to have and not need, than to need and not have, right?


Genius Essentials Kit

$144.99 $149.99 -4% OFF
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