Easy Butter Maker - Two Stick


Easy Butter Maker - Two Stick

Product description

Easy to use: The Easy Butter Maker has simplified the process of creating butter to the point where anyone, regardless of skill level, can make chef-quality butter. A jar with a long plastic handle has the advantage of being both useful and portable. It may be easily opened and washed at any time.

Medicinal and compound: With a simple and uncomplicated technique, the Easy Butter Maker produces better quality butter. The medicinal compound butter will be created using your chosen and best-suited herbs that promote good health. It can be used to make a variety of other baked goods, such as muffins and cookies. For butter aficionados, butter is a must-have on the morning table, as well as during any other meal.


About this item:

The stainless steel Easy Butter Maker has solid construction and a plastic handle to hold it easily. The slim-necked jar is designed to be heated in quick time for compound butter.

Delectable butter & infused Oil making is simple and easy for anyone with an easy butter maker. Delicious butter and infused oil can be used to make muffins and cookies. They are simple to use for butter making, easy to wash, and portable to carry anywhere while holding the handle of an easy butter maker. Just 10 minutes of cooking time with an easy butter maker makes life easy and happy. Include your preferred herbs, two sticks of butter, and water as per your requirement.

Homemade butter taste is in our hands by keeping ingredients according to our desire and will. It can also be frozen and used for months once prepared and ready.



  • It allows for two sticks of butter to be infused per batch.
  • 1 Count 

Easy Butter Maker - Two Stick

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