Daze Glass Spinning DNA & Turbine Perc Bong


Daze Glass Spinning DNA & Turbine Perc Bong

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Product description

Experience a puffing sensation like no other with the Daze Glass Spinning DNA & Turbine Perc Bong. This water pipe delivers an innovative dual-chamber design, featuring a spinning double helix and a turbine base for maximum filtration and low-resistance inhalation. Enjoy an unforgettable smoking journey!

Smoking and DNA intertwined? Elevate your smoking experience with this unique, DNA-inspired glass bong. Incorporating a 14mm joint, the smoking path is diverted into the water and is filtered through the turbine percolator, located at the top of the vibrant green-accented base. As a result of this turbine, a mini smoke tornado is created, forcing the DNA percolator to spin with each inhale. The combination of these two percolators produces a smooth hit and a thrilling smoking experience every time.


  • Awesome turbine and Spinning DNA percolator 
  • 14mm joint size
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Sleek design with interior worked glass
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