Benji - Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit


Benji - Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit

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Product description

Discover the Benji BANKROLL Mini, the enchanting addition to the Benji family. This petite version of the original Bankroll dazzles with its painted black two-piece bamboo tray, carrying all your accessories on one side and providing the perfect area for rolling on the other. Magnetic connections make for an effortless setup and secure storage. Plus, you'll get a booklet of Benji $100 print papers in the kit! Every slot has a special purpose, like the magnet-secured lighter slot and pre-roll pouch, the aluminum ashtray, and the Benji-crafted metal lid that keeps your stash airtight. Experience the organization, security, and convenience of the Benji Bankroll Mini!


Inside the box:

  • Benji Bankroll Mini
  • Benji's booklet
  • Scooper
  • Ashtray
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