12.5" Heavy Sprinkler Percolator Bong


12.5" Heavy Sprinkler Percolator Bong

Product description

Description :

Nothing ruins a good smoke session like a spilled bong. This colorful 12.5" Heavy Sprinkler Perc Bong with the unusually-shaped tube features a cool colorful pattern on its body. This water pipe's shape prevents messy spills and keeps used bong water out of your mouth. This elegant glass piece has a fixed downstem and a beautifully decorated bowl. It has a stable round base that prevents it from wobbling or tipping over while in use or when filling the bowl with herbs. This is a water pipe you'll enjoy using and showing off to your friends if you're looking for a bong that stands out from the crowd. Get yours right away.


• The bong is 12.5 Inches tall
• Percolator attached for the smoothest of hits
• Abstract details and colorful bowl piece
• Made from quality borosilicate glass
• Colors may vary from photo

12.5" Heavy Sprinkler Percolator Bong

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