Tyson Ranch x Futurola King Size Slim Rolling Paper - (24 Count)


Tyson Ranch x Futurola King Size Slim Rolling Paper - (24 Count)

Product description


Thanks to their founder Mike Tyson, Tyson Ranch products have gained so much popularity so quickly. Each POP display has his face plastered right on it, making these products instantly recognizable. Tyson Ranch is dedicated to quality and their products are made to make the product rolled up inside shine. This POP display is super tight and compact, which means it takes up minimal counter space. Put these premium products front and center, you’ll be surprised how many people reach for them just because of the famous face on the display! The 24 booklets are stacked two rows high, minimizing the size of the box.


  • TYSON RANCH | Tyson Ranch x Futurola is a product line from Futurola inspired and designed by Mike Tyson. These products feature Mike’s face on the package, are held to the high-quality standards Futurola has in place, and are rapidly growing in popularity.
  • KING SIZE SLIM | These rolling papers are king-size slim. They measure 108mm x 44mm and fit roughly a gram of flower inside. They are a good size for both a solo session and sharing with friends.
  • FILTER TIPS | Each booklet of rolling papers also has a pack of perforated filter tips. Tear one-off and roll it up before rolling the joint to create a barrier to catch debris and help the joint keep its structure and shape.
  • DUTCH BROWN | These rolling papers are made of Dutch brown paper. They have a dark tan tint and provide a natural look. The papers are unbleached and chlorine-free.
  • 24CT DISPLAY | This POP display is small and compact, the perfect size for any checkout counter. Each booklet has 33 papers & tips, and the display has 24 booklets packed in two layers to save space.

Tyson Ranch x Futurola King Size Slim Rolling Paper - (24 Count)


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