Reclaim Catcher Double Pack


Reclaim Catcher Double Pack

Product description

Honeybee Herb Reclaim Catcher Double Pack: 

The most common features of the reclaimed catcher pack are:

  • Reclaim Catchers
  • One with a 90° Degree Quartz Banger & Nail with a 14mm Male Joint Angle 
  • One with a 45° Degree Quartz Banger & Nail with a 14mm Male Joint Angle 
  • Silicone Dab Slick Attached: FDA-Approved Grade

Do you like to get the absolute most out of your dab sessions?

Then, the Reclaim Catcher Double Pack is for you. This package features two reclaimed catchers, one with a 45° degree banger joint angle and a second that utilizes a 90-degree joint angle. 

No matter your rig's joint angle, you can catch all of your reclaimed.

Both reclaim catchers feature a 14mm male joint to fit into your rig's 14mm female joint and a 14mm female joint to fit your 14mm male banger.

The reclaim catcher serves one primary purpose, to catch your reclaimed or leftover dab material. In addition, it acts as a collection reservoir between your quartz banger & nail and your bongs.

Any non-vaporized material sucked through the nail and any reclaim that accumulates will be collected in the reclaim catcher, not on your dab rig nail, making the reclaim a helpful catcher and aesthetically pleasing.

These reclaim catchers both feature an FDA-approved silicone container that attaches to the bottom, making collecting your reclaim for later use more accessible than ever. The two-pack is a value that is hard to pass up. 

For this price, it is hard to believe that you can outfit two of your rigs with different joint angles and beautiful-looking, but highly functional reclaim catchers.

Don't hesitate on this double pack, and order yours now!

Reclaim Catcher Double Pack


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