Whiskey Barrel Aged
Whiskey Barrel Aged from $19.99
Single origin Guat. aged 30 days in a Bourbon barrel and then roasted to order
Max Caf Blend
Max Caf Blend from $19.99
High caffeine blend of coffee. Tanzania and India Robusta This blend offers a bold taste and intense aroma with each cup, whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or something to savor throughout the day.
Gourmet Donut Shop
Gourmet Donut Shop from $19.99
A light-medium roast coffee blend featuring coffees with tasting notes that include cocoa, caramel, toffee and mild fruits. A perfectly balanced morning coffee that offers a stronger flavor when compared to the lighter breakfast blends. It's an appealing flavor that comes from quality ingredients, so you know you're getting the freshest cup. Enjoy the bold taste that's a step up from typical breakfast coffees.
Half Caff Blend
Half Caff Blend from $19.99
(1/2 Decaf – 1/2 Regular) A mixed medium roast of Swiss Water® decaffeinated and regular coffee for a lower caffeine content but retained flavor. Perfect for those who get the ‘jitters’ with full caffeine coffee and those who enjoy coffee later in the day but don't need that higher caffeine kick-start. This blend is the perfect balance for those who need a less-caffeinated product without sacrificing the intense flavor of their favorite roast. Enjoy a milder cup of coffee that won't keep you up late at night.
Asian Plateau Blend
Asian Plateau Blend from $19.99
A medium roast containing blended coffees of Southeast Asia offering herbal flavor notes and a heavy body. This coffee offers consistent flavor, a strong aroma and is best as a hot coffee drink. Grown under the full sun with washed processing that is environmentally friendly. This blend produces a consistent, rich cup with distinct herbal and heavy body characteristics, making it the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day.
Latin American Blend
Latin American Blend from $19.99
Select Latin American coffees medium-dark roasted for full flavor with nutty, mild fruity notes, ending in gentle cocoa. Grown in Central American rain forests and near the Amazon, with environmentally friendly washed processing and sun dried up to 7 days. Rich, delicious cup.
Cowboy Blend
Cowboy Blend from $19.99
Roast: Dark & Medium Blend With both Dark and Medium roasted coffee. Cocoa, caramel, & vanilla tones Enjoy a smooth, full-bodied flavor that gives you the perfect pick-me-up.
African Kahawa Blend
African Kahawa Blend from $19.99
A medium-dark roast of African-grown coffees, boasting a complex full-flavored profile. Savour nuances of toffee, caramel, chocolate, raisins, green apples, red fruits, cherries, black currant and a subtle floral finish. Coffee cherries are typically hand-processed and hand-harvested, with farmers adhering to stringent quality guidelines and eco-friendly processing methods - including washing beans, sun-drying and hand-sorting.
African Espresso
African Espresso from $19.99
Roast: Medium/Dark Great blend of coffee from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia This blend of African coffee captures the essence of the continent with its unique, bold flavor profile and complexity. Enjoy the vibrant, intense flavor and aroma for a truly unique coffee experience. It's the perfect way to start your morning, or an invigorating afternoon pick-me-up!
Breakfast Blend
Breakfast Blend from $19.99
A lightly roasted blend of South American coffees that are perfect as an early sunrise roast. Tasting notes include walnuts, mild apple, slight raisin and toffee. Environmentally friendly washed processing and sun dried. This coffee is both partial sun and full sun grown at high mountain elevations. Enjoy the smooth, inviting flavor and complexity of this special blend that is sure to awaken your senses.
Breakfast Blend +
Breakfast Blend + from $18.99
Roast: Medium House Breakfast Blend Plus Robusta for Extra Caffeine
6 Bean Blend
6 Bean Blend from $18.99
Roast: Dark Roast House Blend. Great for Espresso meticulous blend of coffee from around the world This perfect espresso blend is a combination of premier Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, India, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Its full-bodied flavor and rich, smooth finish make it the ideal choice for espresso lovers.
Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee from $18.99
Achieve optimal Cold Brew Coffee with this unique, special blend. Consisting entirely of premium coffee, this French roast offers a robust, full-bodied flavor and a smooth, low-acid cup that's sure to please. Crafted with no additives or artificial ingredients, only these coarse grounds will provide a perfect cup each time.
Italian Roast
Italian Roast from $18.99
Our darkest roast. Slow roasted blend of specialty grade Arabica/Robusta.
Blonde from $18.99
Sweet Blend from Central America and Africa. Great for Sweet Espresso.

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